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Auriga Microwave Wins Small Business Innovative Research Phase II.5

LOWELL, Massachusetts, July 25, 2011

Auriga Microwave announces today that it has been awarded Phase II.5 for its Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) N07-007 Solid-state High-efficiency Transmit Module. This Navy-sponsored 2-year effort will build upon the Phase II development of C-band power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers.

“We’re very excited about this award, as it allows us to move our current technology to a Technical Readiness Level 7 (TRL-7), where we will be able to test our prototypes in an operational environment,” said Dr. Yusuke Tajima, Auriga’s CTO. Tajima continued, “Although both of these amplifiers are designed for a phased array radar system for an unmanned aerial system (UAS), where efficiency and size are optimized, the amplifiers are well suited for other applications within the defense market space.”

Originally targeted for a UAS UHF radar system, SBIR N07-007 was redirected by the Navy for a more immediate requirement. Prior to being redirected, Auriga successfully built a 600 W prototype amplifier that achieved 55% power-added-efficiency across the UHF band.  

"Over the course of this project, the excitement from Primes and the DoD regarding our prototype results has been very encouraging; it appears this will be a very large market opportunity for Auriga” said Ted Lewis, Vice President.

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Auriga Microwave is a recognized international leader in modeling, measurement and design of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave technologies. Auriga believes extensive solid-state experience is critical for improving the current state of device modeling, and that a sound understanding of the physics of novel active devices is mandatory for delivering cutting-edge solutions in order to meet the RF/microwave industry’s never-ending demand for higher power, higher linearization, and higher efficiency. By providing improved design, modeling and measurement services, Auriga's customers benefit from the team’s years of experience delivering timely and cost-effective solutions. Auriga’s headquarters, lab and manufacturing facility is based in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA with a sales office in The Netherlands. Please visit Auriga at

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