Auriga introduces 1200 V, 100 A Drain Head

The New Auriga PHD3100:

  • Now in Beta with General Release end of June 2014
  • Low ON-resistance: accurately measuring smaller resistance devices
  • Dual mode: low and high voltage for better resolution where needed
  • Asymmetric architecture: improved accuracy
  • Final specifications to be released mid-June 2014

Microwave Design

With more than 100 years of combined modeling and design experience, and working with the industry’s most sophisticated technology in high-powered RF and microwave devices, Auriga designs, manufactures and delivers balanced solutions. Auriga customers turn to us when efficiency, bandwidth, linearity, and size need to be optimized, especially when time-to-market is critical or internal expertise is unavailable.

Custom Test Systems

Component Test System with Auriga WIDE

Our turn-key, fully-automated, component test systems provide a single-connection, multiple measurement architecture used in both low-volume and high-volume manufacturing of high-frequency commercial and military modules and MMIC devices, such as transmit and receive modules (T/R), LMDS and MMDS, CPE, and base station testing. Our industry leading system now offers Auriga WIDE™, Auriga’s Wizard-based Integrated Development Environment.

AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF Characterization System

AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF System

Delivering unprecedented testing capabilities in one small package. The AU4850 is a standalone bench-top solution for capturing pulsed IV/RF data. May be fully integrated with network analyzers with pulse capabilities for pulsed S-parameter measurements. See how geometry, temperature and substrate attributes affect device performance down to measurement widths of 70 ns.

Bias Tees

Auriga Bias Tees

Wideband, heavy-duty bias tees for high-power applications. Covering RF frequency ranges from 100 MHz to 26.5 GHz in multiple frequency-band configurations, Auriga bias tees perform where no other tee can.