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Auriga develops ADS and MWO Models for Packaged GaN Devices


Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC has developed a Model for the packaged GaN device, EGN010MK (Eudyna, below), in a format compatible with ADS and MWO.

When installed in the appropriate software (ADS or MWO), the model simulates the electrical performance of the packaged device for both small and large signals. Fig 1 shows the modeled IV characteristics of EGN010MK device compared to the measured pulsed IV data biased at 50V and pulsed up to 100V. Other voltage dependent parameters such as Cgs, Cgd and Cds were derived from S parameter measurements over 100 bias points.

Parameter extraction for the large signal model was carried out using Auriga’s “ModelStation” program, which is available through Auriga Measurement Systems.

The model was inserted between the input and output matching circuits as shown in Fig 2 to simulate an amplifier performance under 50V bias supplied through the bias tees. Simulation results are shown in Fig 3 in comparison with the measured amplifier performance. Excellent agreement was achieved.

These models, distributed by Eudyna, can be installed easily in ADS or MWO. Reference planes of these models are set at the pin connection of the package. The packaged device models are provided with a temperature function which allows the user to specify channel temperature of the device. Bias circuits, attached externally, set the bias condition of the device.

Fig 1: Pulsed IV characteristics (Vbias=50V, Vpulse=0-100V) were modeled using the Auriga model. Other voltage dependent parameters such as Cgs, Cgd and Cds were derived from S parameter measurement over 100 bias points.

Fig 2: EGN010MK model was inserted between input and output circuits to simulate amplifier performance below.

Fig 3: Pin vs Pout and associated Power added efficiency was calculated using ADS and MWO, with identical results. Simulated results are compared to the actual measurements in this figure.

About Eudyna Devices Inc.

Eudyna Devices Inc. (a joint venture of Fujitsu Quantum Devices, Ltd. and Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.), headquartered in the city of Yokohama, Japan with additional facilities in Yamanashi Prefecture, is one of the world’s largest compound semiconductor operations. These operations are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, with support facilities strategically located throughout the world for assembly and test. Eudyna performs 100% testing to ensure quality and reliability.

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About Auriga Measurement Systems LLC

Auriga Measurement Systems is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced testing solutions for electrical measurement and testing of semiconductor integrated circuits and chips. Auriga’s advanced test techniques also support modeling solutions for various device types and applications from small to large signals. Auriga provides modeling services for devices ranging from PHEMTs, HBTs, MOS, LDMOS and GaN PHEMTs. The parameter extraction program “ModelStation,” available through Auriga Measurement Systems, finds the optimum parameter sets for small signal, large signal and noise models.

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Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC
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