Auriga introduces 1200 V, 100 A Drain Head

The New Auriga PHD3100:

  • Now in Beta with General Release end of June 2014
  • Low ON-resistance: accurately measuring smaller resistance devices
  • Dual mode: low and high voltage for better resolution where needed
  • Asymmetric architecture: improved accuracy
  • Final specifications to be released mid-June 2014

AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF Characterization System

AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF Characterization System

Now featuring Auriga MEM™, Auriga’s newest pulsed IV function, which enhances current resolution to an industry-leading 0.01% of maximum current.

  • 220 V, 30 A with 0.01% Current Resolution for RF designers
  • S-parameter Option for Major Network Analyzers
  • Pulsed Load-pull Option
  • 1200 V, 100 A with Enhanced ON-resistance Accuracy for Power Electronic Users
  • Stand-alone Pulser Head Option

The AU4850 is designed for today... ready for tomorrow.

Auriga’s 4th generation pulsed IV/RF characterization system delivers unparalleled performance:

  • 20% faster measurements than before – and it was already fast
  • 40% the size of its predecessor
  • An even easier graphical user interface
  • Ready for higher-voltage measurements

Auriga’s 4th generation AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF Characterization System delivers unparalleled performance; capturing measurements with incredible speed and accuracy.

Pulsed IV (current–voltage) measurements have emerged as the preferred method of capturing current–voltage characteristics of active devices, such as field effect (FETs) and bipolar junction transistors (BJTs). With the growing popularity of high-power devices, like GaN HEMTs, LDMOS, SiC, and graphene, current–voltage requirements are constantly being pushed higher and higher.

With these requirements in mind, Auriga developed its next-generation Pulsed IV/RF system, the AU4850. The AU4850 is designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of the device modeling community. With its modular hardware design and open software architecture, the AU4850 is poised to handle present and future pulsed IV requirements.

This new, high-end pulsed IV measurement system is a full-featured, characterization platform capable of measuring DC IV and pulsed IV curves, expandable to pulsed S-parameters and pulsed load pull. With pulse widths as narrow as 70 ns and duty cycles as low as 0.001%, the AU4850 is well-suited for isothermal testing of devices. Unlike less-capable competitive solutions, the AU4850 can deliver up to 220 V, 30 A for RF designers, and 1200 V, 100 A with unmatched pulse resolution for power electronics designers.

Introducing Auriga MEM

Auriga MEM logo

Using Auriga’s advanced calibration algorithms and an external Keysight digital multimeter (DMM), Auriga MEM (Measurement Enhancement Mode) brings the DC measurement plane directly to the device under test.

Key Features

  • Provides extraordinary current resolution of 0.01% of max current
  • Provides temperature independent measurements, allowing for accurate measurements impervious to environmental temperature changes
  • Maintains calibration integrity for a longer period of time

These key features enable the AU4850 to achieve the measurement accuracy and repeatability needed for tomorrow’s demanding devices.

It's all in the box.

Keysight PNA-X Box

The Auriga AU4850 and the Keysight PNA-X combine to create the ultimate Pulsed IV-Pulsed RF Characterization System.

Two boxes. One awesome solution: Improved accuracy, vast hardware and software flexibility, and superior current and voltage range.

Auriga Stand-alone Pulser Head Adapter PHA1000

Auriga PHA1000

The PHA1000 pulser head adapter allows AU4850 pulser heads to be used as stand-alone DC pulsers (models PHD1100, PHD1300, PHD2010, and PHD2050). Performance of the pulser heads, when utilized with the PHA1000, is the same as when used with the AU4850 system. The adapter takes two DC voltages (quiescent and non-quiescent) and a TTL timing signal as inputs and produces a voltage pulse alternating between quiescent and non-quiescent. If one of the DC voltage inputs are shorted, the pulser will have 0 V output in that state. AU4850 pulser heads are sold separately.


  • Interchangeable pulser heads
  • LXI-compliant

Compact bench-top footprint

  • Synthetic instrument core eliminates hardware redundancies
  • When fully optioned, it’s less than half the size of the competition

Unequalled test accuracy

  • Pulser heads are closer to device-under-test
  • Narrow pulse widths with high resolution–no longer one size fits all

Built for expansion

  • Pulsed IV/RF
  • Pulsed load pull
  • Built on industry standard interfaces
  • Powerful API